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I am not the biggest fan of Larson. I think RENT (in any form) is a pretty poor musical, regardless of how you look at it. I find the show's treatment of AIDS especially distasteful. Tick, Tick...Boom is a more vivid and authentic work. So this adaptation starts from a better place than the RENT film a few years back. The music and general plot outline is Larson's most engaging work.The film does a *really* good job of turning what began life as a monologue into a cinematic story. The formal editing and direction choices-and how the script motivates the various vignettes-makes the film feel alive and the songs makes sense in universe. The intercutting of the story, show and home movies reminded me a little of Chicago (2002) or All That Jazz (from the 70's) in how the songs are woven around the plot. People who generally don't like musicals might find this one's scale and intimacy appealing. But you can lob some of the same criticism at this as you can RENT-the material has a blinkered idea of what selling out is, there's some questionable characterizations. I don't like how a straight guy is again at the center of an AIDS story.But above all Garfield is *perfect* in this. I saw Larson the entire time. He is frenetic, loud, theatrical, authentic, funny, heartbreaking and authentic. It is his career best performance to date.

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If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free thoughts, please follow my blog to read my full review :)"tick, tick...BOOM! Is one of my favorite movies of the year! Boasting memorable, addictive, first-rate music performed by astonishingly talented actors, Lin-Manuel Miranda delivers one of the best musical films of the century.From the absolute standout, "30/90", to the highly satisfying payoff, "Louder than Words", the vast majority of songs serve a necessary purpose, moving the plot forward in an entertaining manner while also developing the compelling characters.Andrew Garfield delivers one of the best performances of his career, demonstrating his impressive emotional range and artistic skills, both as an actor and a performer. Technically, no fault to point out whatsoever.Do NOT miss this work of art!"Rating: A.

I liked this movie a lot more than I thought it would.I find that Netflix movies are hard to predict normally they are let downs but this one broke the cycle for me.It was thoughtful. There was obviously research done by everyone involved.Considering this is his directorial debut I do think that he does a good job for the most part. I think some scenes are amazing and will stick but others can be a little plainer.Andrew Garfield is the star of the show though. His performance was fantastic. He really gave into the role. The pretentiousness, the heart, the sadness. He played the typical "musical theatre nerd" perfectly. It was so theatrical and over the top which worked. But the moments that called for more depth were also amazing. He was about to really capture the sadness.I was really impressed. The music is as great too. The majority of the songs had a life of their own and felt original. They felt fresh even though this play was wrote in 1990. 350c69d7ab


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