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Can You Buy Wheelspins In Forza Horizon 3

You know what would thin out the auction house, being able to sell the cars for half price back to the dealer. Dont know why they changed this starting with forza 5. Theres a lot of cars that just wont ever sell, so you either keep them or get rid of them and get nothing back.

can you buy wheelspins in forza horizon 3


Nothing would need to be reworked, i dont actually understand why youd think theyd need to. Instead of continually trying to sell a car on the auction house that will never sell, you sell it for half price like what used to be done in forza before forza 5. Its a pretty simple transaction, many games have had it. The minimum price in the AH has nothing to do with it. We used to be able to sell parts too, i dont think thats in these games anymore either.

I am at level 165 now I think. I have over 145 cars and I only purchased maybe 10 of those. I have 8 of the Horizon Edition cars but I won one of those in the auction house. In my opinion you are only throwing credits away buying the horizon edition cars in the auction house. I spent a little over a million on mine. I have found that if I dump a million credits at once into wheel spins I usually get a horizon edition car, not counting all the other cars as well. It has worked for me every time. I have not had to buy any cars for any race or event of any type. I have only bought cars to upgrade and tinker with.

Ive gotten multiple Horizon edition cars from wheelspins that were duplicates of ones already in my garage but none of them offered the 5 mil, only like 50k-200k credits. Any thoughts on a reason why its like that?

I have 392 cars in my garage and I got most of them from Wheelspin. The trick is to buy all horizon edition cars from AH. They should cost you around 700-800k each. Then purchase all the 25k and less cars from the autoshow to reduce the chance to get garbage from spins.

I got all six new HE cars after spending about 25 million credits on wheelspins, dropping me from about 126 million to about 101 million. I agree with JDM: wait until prices drop then buy them in the AH. 041b061a72


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