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Best Way To Buy An Ipad BEST

Somrata researches and writes about the best tech deals to help readers make smart, informed buying decisions. She's an expert on accessories and also reviews laptops, phones, audio and other devices.

best way to buy an ipad

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The key to getting a great refurbished iPad is to buy from a reputable retailer that clearly details not only what condition the refurb is in, but its own return and warranty policies. In this case, the best place to start is with the manufacturer.

Getting a refurbished iPad direct from Apple is the safest and best option. The prices are good (around 20% off list price) and Apple puts in a new battery, gives each iPad a new outer shell and fully tests them. They're put in fresh boxes with Apple's own accessories and a one-year warranty is included, as are free shipping and returns. You're essentially getting a new iPad at a discount, and that is awesome.

What's not awesome is that you're at the mercy of what Apple has in stock. Because supplies are limited and it doesn't offer many older models, the exact iPad you want might not be available immediately -- or ever. More current models are your best bet, but even those can be hard to come by.

If you are happy to buy an older iPad model then there are plenty of discounts available while they are still in stock. There are also some great savings to be had on refurbished models. We recommend you check the following deals roundups, where you can see the best prices right now on various iPads:

We think the best option, if you want to be able to get data on your iPad when you are out and about, is to create a hotspot and share it from your iPhone. Then you can use your iPad as if it was on the cellular network. Read about how to create an iPhone hotspot to share your mobile web connection to your iPad.

If you're stuck on figuring out which iPad is best for you, it's probably because distinguishing between models is more complicated than ever. Currently, Apple sells five main models: the 2021 iPad, 2022 iPad, the iPad Mini, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro, and all of them share industry-leading hardware, excellent battery life, and support for iPadOS 16.

For the 10th and latest generation, Apple's basic iPad gets a larger 10.9-inch display and a modern design that's in line with the rest of the iPad lineup. As such, it offers a similar experience as the iPad Air and iPad Pro for a lower price and more than enough power to run basic apps, games, and streaming video, making it the best option for most people.

But don't let the outdated design deter you. The ninth-gen iPad is still an incredible tablet for most needs. At the end of the day, it offers the best combination of price and performance than any other iPad available right now.

While the fifth-gen iPad Air is priced between the 2022 iPad and the iPad Pro, it's best understood as a more affordable version of the 2022 iPad Pro than as a premium version of the standard iPad. It would be misguided to recommend anyone who uses the iPad for simple day-to-day tasks to splurge $270 more for the 2022 iPad Air.

While there are differences worth noting, the biggest to consider is storage options. The 2022 iPad Air base model is a measly 64GB, with a $150 upgrade option to 256GB, which bumps the price up to $750. If you need more than 64GB of storage, but not as much as 256GB, your best bet is to snag the 11-inch iPad Pro, which starts at 128GB and costs $800. You'd get an upgrade to the M2 chip, plus Apple's ProMotion display that runs at 120Hz instead of 60Hz for super smooth animations.

But if you think the limited storage and differences in display won't make or break your experience, the iPad Air is the best option for price and performance for those who want a step-up from the basic iPad.

Overall, the iPad Mini is the best choice for those who prioritize portability above all else in a tablet. I'd even say that most people would find the iPad Mini more comfortable to use than larger iPads. If you want a screen that's bigger than your phone for running apps and streaming videos, all while maintaining a portable footprint, the iPad Mini is absolutely worth considering.

And finally, if you're an Apple Pencil devotee, just about every iPad will work for you. Just beware of the 2022 iPad's need for an adapter. The first and second generation Apple Pencils work as well as each other, but the iPad Pro is the best iPad to use with the second generation Apple Pencil thanks to Apple's Hover feature.

Getting the best price on iPads is simple once you have all the offers in one place. Our goal at RefurbMe is to save you time searching and comparing the best offers from reputable sellers that include a warranty, including the Apple Store.

As such, many people are asking how to buy a MacBook or iPad from US and have it shipped internationally. The answer to this is not a very simple one, as you need to take into account multiple factors, but it can definitely be done, which means that users can save a lot of money by shopping from the best deals

Besides checking prices on visiting The Mac Index, buyers can also look for deals on MacBooks and iPads on websites such as Amazon, BestBuy, and B&H Photo. All these stores generally have some sort of discount on one or more Apple devices, including MacBooks and iPads, so it's a good idea to have a look around to discover the best deals before deciding on a particular item.

Another idea is to look at websites specializing in Apple products, such as MacRumors, for example, as they make deals around us that allow users to find the best prices and sales for all kinds of Apple devices. Other websites that provide these types of roundups include TechRadar and DigitalTrends.

You can start shopping immediately for the best deals either from the Apple Store or any other third party suppliers that currently offer the best deals on Apple products. Once you decide on a product, buyers can purchase the item and have it shipped to their US shipping address, from where the package will be sent to your home country.

Apple Mac prices are the lowest in the US, which is why users from other countries are interested in finding a way to buy MacBooks or iPads from the US and have them shipped internationally. Besides getting the best prices for MacBooks and iPads, another benefit of using one of these shipment services is access to the newest gadgets and other products before they are released in other countries. With the help of services such as and other similar companies, you can enjoy the same prices for Apple products as American residents and have your items shipped anywhere globally.

Below are the best prices for each iPad configuration currently available at some of the major Apple resellers. Prices fluctuate on a consistent basis, so if you see an iPad you want, be sure to follow the links to the appropriate sites and place your order now.

In this guide, you'll find the best currently available prices for every model of the iPad at major Apple resellers including Adorama, Amazon, B&H Photo, Best Buy, and MacMall (which is now integrated with TigerDirect).

Although it primarily sells laptops, this site often has some cracking discounts on refurbished iPads. The site is well-rated on Trust Pilot and has four grades for the devices it sells: A1, A2, A3 and pre-owned. If you're after the best quality refurbished iPad, you'll want to aim for an A1 device, which will be good as new, with many having only been opened and never used.

The best way to get Lightroom is by subscribing to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. With this plan, you get both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom. You also get Photoshop in both the desktop and mobile versions. Or you can just go with Lightroom.

That is, unless you're working from home, in which case the iPad Pro will be your best bet. Its increased power and USB-C port are a godsend for those who have been asked to conduct their jobs from their own homes.

Battery life is on par with the more expensive iPads, coming in at around ten hours, meaning you can be confident it will last you during long trips away from the power outlet. This is where the iPad 10.9 becomes the obvious choice, because it's much more affordable and features the same standards as the expensive models, like battery life. Apple iPad 10.9 10th Gen The newest and best iPad for pretty much everyone In Short Pros

The last few years have seen many of us changing our approach to the way we work, with the pandemic forcing many of us to work from home. If you're looking for the best iPad that suits this style of working the best bet is the iPad Pro, thanks to its large screen, USB-C port and powerful M2 chip.

Welcome to our guide to the best iPad Mini deals 2023! We've pulled together the best and lowest prices from top retailers on the iPad Mini for this month, to help you save extra money on your new Apple device. We update this guide every month throughout the year, so you can find the latest up-to-date prices on all iPad Mini generations.

As we said in our iPad mini (6th Gen) review (opens in new tab), the appeal in going for the smaller Apple tablet is that it's portable yet powerful and enables you to do pretty much anything wherever you are. Packing the same powerful processor as the iPhone 13, plus a bright in-sharp screen and support for the excellent Apple Pencil 2, it's one of the best tablets (opens in new tab) on the market, and one of the best iPads for students (opens in new tab). If you decide that you want to go for the bigger sizes, we've got guides to the best iPad deals (opens in new tab), as well as the best iPad Pro deals (opens in new tab).

If you want a 7-inch iPad but don't need the latest and greatest specs, the iPad mini 4 is the one for you (it got full marks when originally reviewed). The design is thinner than its predecessors, and thus it's much nicer to hold. The screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 is impressive given the more compact dimensions and the quality is very much welcome too - being able to use this fully in almost direct light again adds to the portability. Have a browse through the best iPad mini 4 deals available today: 041b061a72


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