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New Arcane Odyssey Script Hack | Arcane Odyssey...

It's hard to see how there are any votes at all in promising to make the Office for National Statistics fully independent, or indeed in the creation of a Fiscal Projections Committee to audit the Budget projections, commendable though both these initiatives would be. Rightly or wrongly, the suspicion remains that the statistics are routinely manipulated to meet the incumbent Government's political purposes. But it is only those who are inclined to vote Tory anyway for whom such an arcane initiative would be a clincher. Even the pledge never to join the single currency no longer has the resonance it once plainly did. It's hard to believe that this is the issue on which the Tories managed so painfully to tear themselves apart. Few people bother to think about it at all these days. The pound is generally regarded as safe in the Chancellor's hands. 041b061a72


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