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Alias [Xbox Classic]

If you are a regular Xbox player or a fan of the Xbox, you are aware of Xbox GamerTag. In the Xbox universe, your Gamertag is your altered identity. It comprises an alias, an optional avatar, and a picture.

Alias [Xbox Classic]

In the world of Xbox, your alias is known as your Gamertag. It is composed of an alias, an optional avatar or photo known as a gamerpic, and some information to represent you while you are playing games with other members of the Xbox community and sharing with them.

Mif2000 is an alias for Denis Galanin, a Russian video gamedeveloper who has been involved with a number of commercial games.For the past several years he has focused on his own indieprojects. Hamlet took him about eight months to create.

Let's start with the low-hanging fruit. Raiding Apple's past for good ideas is extremely productive as far as the Finder is concerned. I'll get the easy ones out of the way first, and I won't bother explaining the features in detail since I'm assuming Mac users already know how they work. Everyone else can Find an old Mac running classic Mac OS and see for themselves.

Finally, there's the question of the folder contents. A live search folder does not contain any actual files. The actual files exist elsewhere. Nor does a live search folder contain aliases, since aliases are a kind of file as well. Furthermore, items cannot be dragged into a live search folder. (The only way to change the contents of a live search folder is to alter the query used to generate its contents.) Live search folders actually contain proxies for the files and folders that compose the search results.

The concept of a proxy for a file or folder may sound obscure or abstract, but proxies already exist in both classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. The icon in the title bar of a Finder window is a proxy, for example. You can drag that icon somewhere and it will move the actual folder. That icon is a proxy for the folder, not the folder itself (which, clearly, could not be located in its own title bar). But the most relevant existing location of proxy icons is in a search results window. Like the proxy icons in folder title bars, an item selected from a list of search results can be dragged to a new location and the actual item will move to that new location. 041b061a72


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