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Vinyl Records Buy London

This little record shop punches well above its weight. As well as selling new releases on CD and vinyl, Banquet (an offshoot from the old Beggars Banquet franchise) is at the centre of the Kingston music scene: in the Before Times, its packed acoustic in-store shows and regular gig nights brought big artists to this corner of the London suburbs.

vinyl records buy london

This small funk and soul specialist is just around the corner from East Putney tube station. Leaning towards CDs rather than vinyl, the stock is comprehensive when it comes to funk, soul and especially blues, and the staff are helpful and passionate about the sounds they sell.

With a slick exterior to match its equally trendy location on Hackney Road, Yo-Yo records specialises in U.S. Originals and Vintage pressings. Here you'll find all sorts of funk, soul, jazz, fusion, Brazilian, Latin, bisco, boogie, rare grooves, Afro and psych music. The store split from Cosmos Records in 2020 and re-opened as an independent on the same location.

Celebrating 35 years of one of the greatest labels ever with Rough Trade Exclusive vinyl from Nirvana, CSS, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Postal Service and Orville Peck.

We are always looking to buy your unwanted CDs, DVDs, and vinyl. Please get in touch if you are interested in selling your collections.We buy at all locations every day up to an hour before closing time.

We buy all kinds of used vinyl records from all kinds of genres. We're particularly keen on rock, jazz, blues, soul, R&B, alternative, punk, heavy metal, reggae, electronic and hip-hop. We love large collections and estate purchases and can travel to evaluate 1000+ collections on-site. Paperwork for probate and insurance claims can be provided.

Speed City supports local! If you're in a band, feel free to bring your records, CDs, download codes or cassettes by to sell at the shop. Playing a show in town? Bring a poster by and we'll put it up.

The streets of Soho are full of record shops, and you could easily do all your vinyl shopping in this neighbourhood, which was once known as the Golden Mile of record stores. Although a few have shut over the years, there is still no shortage of vinyl around these parts.

Named after the Velvet Underground song, Sister Ray on Berwick Street has been a Soho institution since the 1980s. It has a large selection of new releases, rarities, film soundtracks and second hand vinyl at decent prices. The shop also participates in Record Store Day and covers genres from 60s pop to Thrash metal, with some more obscure and random cuts like football records thrown in for good measure.

The last surviving London outpost of Fopp is a two-floor haven of physical media. As well as rows of vinyl, you can also find bargainous books, CDs and DVDs. Fopp is a great place to come for new releases and reissues, and each month the staff put together a list of its monthly picks. Low prices are at the heart of its offering, and one of the perks of new record releases is they often come with digital download codes.

Having represented on Berewick Street since the late 1980s, (morphing, adapting, and evolving throughout shifting demands, and decades), the utmost props must be shown to this Soho stalwart. Now residing at number 75, the Sister Ray team strikes a lovely balance of formats and genres, old and new, across the two floors. The upstairs focuses on CDs and records can be found in the basement. They also offer a fantastic selection online!

Since 2014, Flashback has been delivering its signature blend of fantastic records to the East End via its fantastic double-floor space opposite the northern end of Brick Lane. Up top you have jazz, rock, and pop as well as LPs, CDs, 7-inches, and new presses. Downstairs, you have a host of well-priced soul, disco, hip-hop, and more. We strongly recommend a pit stop at Beigel Bake (the white one!) down the road for pre- or post-dig food!

The space is super organized with new-ins on the back wall and second-hand records in the crates, spanning great music and obscurities with warm staff to point you in the right direction. Love Vinyl also hosts launches and in-stores with the likes of Spinna, Gilles Peterson, Jovonn, and Andrew Weatherall.

Since their recent relocation to Hackney, Tome Records has grown from strength to strength. The store itself is simplistic and to-the-point with stacks of great records in the wooden crates that line each wall. From reggae to electronica, OST offers a real balance of genres throughout. A large chunk of their stock can also be dug digitally in the Discogs Marketplace.

Yo-Yo took over the former Cosmos site on Hackney Road. The store specializes in U.S. originals and vintage pressings. Soul, jazz, gospel, psych, fusion, and Latin records can all be found here, neatly arranged among listening posts so you can explore for hours.

With a personal 25-year trading history, Palace Vinyl continues to grow, having opened up the brick-and-mortar shop recently and now stocking over 40,000 records! Specializing in electronica and dance music throughout the years as well as new releases, Palace Vinyl offers a large chunk available online, but we firmly advise any dance music lover to make a trip down there.

Reckless Records have been been buying and selling vinyl records and CDs on Berwick Street since 1984. We buy collections every week and our buyers are often travelling all round the UK finding the best titles (and sometimes we go further afield!). We put thousands of great vinyl records and cds out a week so theres something new for everyone everyday.

In addition to the amazing new vinyl selection, Jordan has an immaculate used record collection that includes rare, hard to find and collectible albums. JVG takes extreme precautions to ensure all records are presented fairly and accurately by providing condition notes and a grading (in accordance with the Goldmine Grading Standards) for every record on the website. While JVG offers a wide array of good condition albums, we also offer lots of discount and cheap records for the budget conscious collectors. Ready to start digging?

So vinyl and CDs aren't good enough for you? Well then... I sure hope you like the sound of good old fashioned Cassette Tapes. That's right, JVG also sells used cassette tapes! Browse our awesome selection here.

Omega Auctions are the No.1 auction house worldwide for rare & collectable vinyl records, selling around 500,000 records every year in our specialist vinyl record auctions. We cover ALL genres, the only criteria is that the records are considered collectable.

Items accepted include LPs, 7" singles, 12" singles, acetates, demos etc, cd's and tapes. If you're looking to sell your vinyl record collection we can help you to achieve the best possible price in one of our specialist vinyl auctions. We love record collections and can make house calls for large collections, including estate sales, shop closure stock and radio station stock. We're interested in most kinds of music but the main emphasis is on rock & pop, indie, soul, dance, jazz, punk, psych, soul, northern soul, folk, blues and reggae.

With our international database of collectors and dealers, we can ensure that you achieve the best price for your record collection, so if you want to sell your old records, please get in touch with our specialist vinyl team. Vinyl relating to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd are selling well and achieving excellent sale prices in the current market. Our previous auctions have achieved record breaking prices for vinyl from all of these artists.

In addition to the more obvious popular artists, vinyl from the weird and wonderful and less well known groups and artists from the 60's and 70's are also very much in demand. Any vinyl on the likes of the Vertigo Swirl label is a guaranteed good seller! If the vinyl that you have is in excellent condition then we are confident that the prices achieved will exceed expectations!

If you have a vinyl collection to sell, we always recommend auction as the best way to realise the highest sale prices. Your collection will be sorted and broken down into appropriate lots in order to maximise your return. The collection will then be catalogued, photographed and marketed to dealers and collectors worldwide. With multiple buyers all bidding against each other you will without a doubt achieve the maximum possible price. If however, you prefer to sell your collection outright, we can also make a fair and competitive offer for your collection. We'd love to talk to you about your collection, your buying and selling needs, and how Omega Auctions can work for you. Call or email us today if you would like us to help you in determining the best options for your collection.

We hold between 10 and 15 specialist vinyl record auctions are held each year, including 2 auctions a year over at the famous Record Planet record fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands, which is the biggest and best record fair worldwide.

Omega Auctions are proud to be one of the top auction houses worldwide for music memorabilia and vinyl records. We are passionate about what we do and whether you are looking to buy or sell, we are always happy to advise.

Back when people were predicting the death of record shops, the saddest aspect was the end of the foraging for hidden delights among huge stacks of records. That's what Flashback is all about, designed for those folks who like to rummage through piles of music, peering beyond much-regretted copies of Darkness 12 inches for the elusive second album by Teenage Fanclub or whatever equivalent your mind thrusts forth when thinking of rarities. And there are three branches to choose from: Essex Road, Crouch Hill and Bethnal Green Road.

The 1950s and 1960s formed a crucible for nearly every form of music we know and love today, taking blues, jazz, gospel, music hall and every other noisy endeavour and mashing them together to form rock and roll, soul, pop and of course David Bowie, gawd bless him. And if it's the music of those two decades that gives you that special tingle, Sounds Original of South Ealing is the joint for you. 95% of their records are 'original top quality 45s EPs & LPs pressed in the UK between 1953 and 1968', and if you're not licking your lips at the thought of that you must have a heart of stone. 041b061a72


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